All Great Leaders Have One Thing in Common…

July 06, 2021 1 min read

Andy speaking to the team

If you study the most successful and influential leaders in the world...

You'll notice they all have one thing in common...

They care.

All great leaders hold every single person on their team to a high standard.

If they see you make a mistake, cut a corner, or fumble an opportunity … no matter how big or small…

They will immediately correct you, and push you to improve.

Most people will say this is rude and unnecessary...

They think that caring about someone means accepting their shortcomings and avoid hurting their feelings.

But in real life, it’s the opposite.

REAL CARE is in the accountability.

It's demanding the best from people…

It's pushing them to improve daily...

It's helping them develop the skills and discipline to succeed.

If you really care about people…

You will hold them accountable … whether it seems “rude” or not.

If you're choosing to let their weaknesses and bad habits slide to be “polite”…

You're actually doing them a disservice, because you’re holding them back from reaching their own potential.

Always remember this...

If someone is hard on you, it's not because they hate you.

It's because they care about you.

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