Living With Urgency

January 06, 2020 2 min read


When you truly grasp and understand that your time on earth is limited EVERYTHING become infinitely more valuable.

The main reason people can't get their lives together is lack of urgency.

They lack urgency because they don’t value their time.

They don’t value their time because they can't grasp the concept that time is truly limited.

And round and round we go as we spin into mediocrity and irrelevance.

I was stabbed in the face & back in 2003.

I received 160 stitches in my face. Suffered permanent nerve damage and paralysis on my left side of my face.


Emotional Trauma.

Severe Depression.


Life-long phobia of crowds.

Then in 2012 I was misdiagnosed with a brain tumor and for two weeks thought I was going to die. I was so scared I didn’t even tell anyone about it at all.

All I kept thinking was how they were going to run the businesses without me.

How my wife was going to get by.

Would my dogs think I abandoned them.


This is it? This is all it was?

I felt cheated...

The truth was I wasn’t cheated....

I cheated.

I cheated myself by taking my time for granted.

Yes, those two events taught me a lot.

Those two events gave me the understanding of how truly limited time on this earth is and how quickly life can be over.

Those two events GIFTED me with a lifetime of urgency and drive to go as fast and as far as I can forever.

Those two events are responsible for literally EVERY SINGLE AMAZING THING in my life including but not limited to my personal financial success.

Most of the qualities that have made me who I am
today were a result of those two events.

The two “worst” events of my life.

Made me.

Think about that.

Oh, and because like I said...once you grasp how finite time really is EVERYTHING becomes infinitely more valuable...

...your appreciation for everyone and every detail of life goes to the moon because you ultimately know every interaction matters because it could be your last.

When you truly understand that.

You are living.



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