3 Reasons Why I Stay Motivated No Matter What

June 23, 2020 2 min read

Andy getting on a jet

I was asked recently “I noticed that you are not only living the dream life...but enjoying it as well. How do you stay motivated?”


1. Humility

I don’t let my ego run wild.

I constantly remind myself that I haven’t done shit…

That my potential is untapped, and I have a million miles left in the tank.

2. Family

I have roughly 200 employees, many of which have families, who work their asses off day in and day out, because they believe in a mission.

They don’t bitch and cry when we have to stay late and get to work early to make sure orders get fulfilled. They get excited.

They live, eat, sleep, & breathe our mission, and I owe it to them to take our plan as far as I can to afford them and their families the chances to create careers and fulfill their goals as they afford me the chance to fulfill mine.

Until my crew is in a place where they can drive any car they want to work (if they choose) I will always be hungry.

3. Purpose

To inspire change. My industry sucks. It’s vain, rotten, disgusting, selfish, & full of lies told by bottom-feeding predators, and it needs to be burnt down and rebuilt into the positive place it pretends it is. We will do that.

This will become a place of positivity and truth. It will become a place of camaraderie and support. Negativity will become the outcast. Everyone will feel welcome, encouraged, and supported to make the changes they need to make and live the lives they need to live.

Until that is done, I will always be hungry.

Success is not a number.

Success is not a car.

Success is not a house.

Success is not a watch.

Success is not a jet.

Success is a fulfillment of potential.

It’s creating and impacting the most you possibly can with the time and tools you are blessed with.

Unless you can look yourself in the eye and truly say you are doing/have done the best you can...you should always be hungry too!

In the big scheme of things regarding success, I am a literal ant...if even that.

I’m not one of these IG tycoons who thinks they are “at the top”.

I’m not.

I am nothing.

Many men & women have accomplished far more than I have.

My goal is to be THE BEST...and until that happens…I will always be hungry.


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