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Your life is not meant to be tolerated. It is meant to be lived--and loved! According to Andy Frisella, this means you have to ask yourself some tough questions. And you need to clearly identify the person who is ultimately responsible for your life not being what you want it to be: You.

Episode Soundbytes

Quit Tolerating Your Life

"Look, here's something that you guys have to do. It's the number one thing you have to do in life. Quit tolerating your life. I know, at some point, that some people are truly stuck in jobs that for whatever reason they can't quit, and I get that. The majority of you, and the majority of us, aren't in that situation. Your job is such a huge part of your life, why would you spend that time doing something that makes you absolutely miserable?"

Here Comes Mr. Asshole

"I can see Mr. Asshole saying, "Oh Andy, you once said that living your passion was hard and the struggle was all part of it and now you're saying that you love your life. You're contradicting yourself." No, motherfucker, I’m not. If you can't see that life is full of paradoxes, you're dumb, and I can’t help you with that. Let me give you an example, I'm married. Do my wife and I love each other? Yeah. Do we have days where we have arguments and struggle? Yeah, But that doesn't change the fact that I fucking love my wife."

What Separates The Successful

"What separates successful people from their counterparts?  The understanding that it’s all part of a journey. Sure, it's hard at times. Sure, there's going to be a supersized scoop of motherfucking struggle. But if you understand that that’s all in the package, you’re set.  Now don't email me bullshit like: "Andy, should I quit my job, my only source of income today because I don't like it?" Well, first of all, are you being a pussy and just not wanting to work at all? That would be the first question that I’d ask myself.  Second of all, is your job really that bad, or does it create opportunities for you?  Does it cultivate great skills for you? Does it allow you to improve yourself?  Are you learning things that will be useful to you in the future? Maybe your job isn't that bad. Maybe you're just being a bitch."

Take Inventory of Yourself

"It's probably a good time to take that inventory of yourself. "Andy, my spouse is a drag. Should I cut her loose?" I don't know, is your spouse a drag, or is it you that's a drag?  I'm not responsible for your decisions, you are. I don't know your situation. I didn't build your situation. Don't use your situation as an excuse when it's time to man up and take charge of your life. You created your situation, alright?  There are a number of questions here that you need to ask yourself that I'm not going to be able to answer for you. What are the excuses that I'm making? What am I afraid of? What is holding me back?"

The Only Person Holding Your Back is You

"The only person that can be holding you back is the person that looks you in the mirror every fucking day. So quit tolerating your life. Live your life. Love your life, period."

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