August 03, 2015 3 min read

Busy is not the same as productive.  In this conversation with co-hosts Vaughn Kohler and Ben Newman, Andy Frisella shares his tips for making the most of your time each day. From using the "Power List" to complete your most important tasks of the day to discovering "daily habits that drive success," the information in this episode will help you structure your day for maximum success.

Podcast Overview

Sixteen years ago, Andy Frisella, “The MFCEO,” and his business partner, Chris, started a company called Supplement Superstores with $12,000 they earned from striping the stripes on parking lots and now do annually over $100 million a year in business.  He started this podcast basically for three reasons.

  •      To mentor people who don't have mentors
  •      To motivate people in a real authentic way
  •      Because he has a passion for motivating and helping people

Andy’s main motivation here is to help people realize what it takes to A) be successful. B) stay self motivated and C) hopefully for people to give back to others as well.

Kill It Every Day: Maximizing Productivity

Success Comes in Phases

According to Andy, “success comes in phases.”  In other words, you will have time when you’re “hot” and maximizing productivity and times when you’re “cold” and don't feel like doing much.  Even the most successful people have their ups and downs, in terms of productivity.  The key is to maximize the “hot” times and minimize the “cold” times.  The goal is to focus on consistency to set yourself up for success.

There’s a Difference Between Busyness and Productivity

Andy criticizes this notion that keeping busy is the same as maximizing productivity.  According to him, you can be active, busy, and working without being productive.  Just hustling doesn’t mean you're going to be successful.  You have to hustle smart.

“Putting In Your Time” Comes from “Factory Mentality”

Andy thinks that the idea that you have to work 40 hours in order to be productive comes from the worst part of corporate America - a faction that sees the average worker, not as a creative contributor, but as an unimportant, mindless drone who has to get certain tasks done each day, with no real thought involved.  It’s “The Factory Mentality.”  In contrast, Andy doesn’t see it like that - he doesn’t hold the people in his company to set hours .  He gets them passionate about their work so they don’t look at the clock.  And in many cases, they work longer hours than expected.

The Power List:  5 Critical Tasks

Andy says most people bite off more than they can chew, so they don't set themselves up for success.  He says being effective isn’t rocket science.  It can be simple, not complicated.  Every day, he makes a “Power List” - the 5 critical tasks he needs to do - no matter what. If your list is too long, your mental sharpness and enthusiasm will be numbed down and you'll find yourself doing less than quality work.  Focus on your 5 critical tasks, and you'll find yourself moving toward your goals and success.

Ben’s “Prizefighter Day:” Finding Habits That Drive Success

Ben Newman teaches what he calls “Your Prizefighter Day.”  In other words, he teaches people to figure out what they did on their best, most productive days.  Then, identify and focus on those habits that drive success--and repeat them.  Ben also encourages people not to look at the results, but on the process.  If you find the right process and compound it with maximum effort and hard work, it is impossible to not be successful.  “Attack the process,” Ben says.  And you will be more productive than you can imagine.

...And More!

In addition to these things, Andy, Ben, and Vaughn share their thoughts on:

  • The “faith aspect” of productivity - will I really do the work and get results?
  • The people who are successful do the fucking work - and do it consistently
  • “Stop telling yourself you can’t be productive.  It all starts with mental toughness.  Believe you're capable of being amazingly productive.”
  • The more you do a little work every day, you create momentum and you become exponentially more productive
  • Screw the motivational gurus who say “You have to do it this way.”  Bullshit:  You have to do what works for you
  • Focus on the process, not the results.
  • And more mother fucking insights!


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