More Money Won't Solve Your Problems

February 12, 2021 1 min read

A car in front of a house

When most people see someone who is very successful...

They look at the cars...

The house...

The jet...

And they think…

“What do they need to worry about? They have it made!”

They think that just because this person has more money than them…

They don't have problems…


The same people think all of their problems will disappear if they had more money.

Also wrong.

Money WILL NOT solve your problems...

It will just change them.

Read that again.

More money doesn't mean less problems...

It means different problems.

“How am I going to manage this month’s rent?”

Turns into...

“How am I going to make sure the 152 people who work for me and their families are taken care of?” 

Your life will never be void of problems.

If you can’t handle your shit right now…

And you can't make ends meet with the resources you have right now...

What makes you think more 0's in your bank account will magically change that?

It won't.

No amount of money is going to solve all of your problems.

Only you can.

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