Are You Consistent?

September 20, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking on stage

Most people don't actually struggle with consistency.

The reason why most people are where they are … is because they are consistently doing the wrong things.

Consistently eating shitty food that keeps them unhealthy...

Consistently watching Netflix instead of developing new skills...

Consistently going through the motions at their 9-5 job…

You have to understand something…

Consistency isn't what matters...

Consistency in the right actions is what matters.

So ask yourself…

Are the actions you're taking giving you the results you want...

Or are the actions you're taking giving you the results you're not happy with?

Build your habits and daily actions around the results you are looking to produce...

...then stay consistent.

When you're consistent in doing the right things...


Nothing can stop you.

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